By harnessing the latest technology, we aim to ensure that you, your team and your customers work faster, communicate smarter and do business better.

Our presence across Australia, Singapore and the Philippines ensures we stay at the forefront of technology and best practice, which means our customers stay happier for longer.

Exceptional customer service across everything we do

A high level of customer support is the cornerstone of our business. And that doesn’t mean talking to a call centre on the other side of the world, where they see you as just another number and don’t have the skills and experience to help.

We’ve invested heavily in an Australian based call centre that is filled with a team of friendly, caring professionals who have been trained to fix any problems—fast.

It’s great news for you because it means no more time wasting, no more talking to scripted customer service agents with no technical capability, and no more waiting on hold.

With 90% of issues solved over the phone

In some instances, our team of engineers may need to consult with one another and come back to you, but that’s not normally the case. In over 90% of customer calls, we solve the issue immediately over the phone, ensuring your team stays productive and your customers stay happy.

A communications solution tailored to your business

We provide a range of solutions; whether they are cloud-only or hybrid. Whatever combination you’re looking for, we can give you access to Voice and Network products that will improve the way you communicate and save you money along the way.

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